Introduction to SCRAP

Hello everyone, I am writing today to introduce SCRAP, Steel City Rising Against Poverty .  The vision I have is to set up a collective of people who are low income, the working poor and even organized labour to join together in SOLIDARITY, to come up with strategies and ideas to eradicated poverty from our society.

For many people who receive thier suspension letters from Ontario Works, there is really isn’t any effect group to help individuals as the battle with the bureaucrats in receiveing the meagre amount they are entitled to from Ontario Works.

While we have to negotiate with the bureacrats, we can also develop direct action strategies to educate others in our community how inhuman the system is.

I went down to London, Ontario in solidarity with the workers of Electro-Motive, who now do not have a  job, these good paying jobs are gone forever now, which further erodes a community.  These workers will have to fight just for their severance pay, which they are entitled to under the current labour law.  Many other workers who are not unionized face many battles just to get stolen wages.  Even though they go through the process under the Ministry of Laobur, the legislation is not strong enough to actually enforce employers to pay those stolen wages.  As one of the founding members of Steel City Solidarity, we have been successful in winning the stolen wages for 4 workers, through direct action and helping them through the Ministry of Labour process as well.

Do you see a common theme?  The poor, the working poor and unionized workers al face a common enemy, which is very complex and at times we are divided into groups, instead of building the necessary SOLIDARITY, in which all of us are working together.


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